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Hi, my name is Michal. I am a web developer located in Prague, Czechia.

Javascript programmer


Web App Dashboard

  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • JS

Implement ChartJS and display various chart types. Add a chart navigation. Hide alerts and show notifications. Save settings in local storage. Find users with an autocomplete search field.

Web App Dashboard project


  • SCSS

Fetch and decode data from an API for a computer science quiz. Get random questions with shuffled answers. Save the selected answers and apply modifier classes for visual evaluation. Utilize SASS preprocessor and the BEM naming convention.

Quizzical project

Projects II

Further Selection

Project 1

Interactive form

A form with real-time validation. Conditional errors, options and fields. Object-oriented Javascript. JSDoc documentation.

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Project 2

API data filtering

Fetch student info from an API and display it with pagination. Search students by name and highlight the matches.

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Project 3

Loopstudios Homepage

Create a responsive landing page using React and TypeScript with mobile navigation, grid and overlapping sections.

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Project 4

Creative Agency

Single page site with overlapping sections, an image slider and mobile navigation.

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Project 5

Easybank Homepage

Responsive landing page with mobile navigation and a CSS grid.

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Project 6

Photo Gallery

An interactive photo gallery with Lightbox and a search field functionality.

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About Me

My Experience

My initial interest in programming has been motivated by creating games. I started to code in Game Maker Language and learned basics of programming in C before starting to focus on web development.

I work as a Front-End Developer at Actum Digital with the focus on React, TypeScript and Styled Components.

My hobbies include Bridge - a logical card game, and learning languages. I speak Czech, English, German and a bit of Korean.

Technical Skills

  • html HTML
  • css CSS
  • javascript JAVASCRIPT
  • react REACT
  • sass SASS
  • typescript TYPESCRIPT
  • git GIT
  • bash BASH
  • figma FIGMA


Front-End Web Development

by Treehouse

Front-End Web Development certificate
Full Stack Javascript

by Treehouse

JS Algorithms & Data Structures

by freeCodeCamp

JS Algorithms and Data Structures certificate
TypeScript Developer

by W3Schools

TypeScript certificate
Web Application Programmer

by Primakurzy

Web Application Programmer certificate
Responsive Web Design

by freeCodeCamp

Responsive Web Design certificate
Learn Responsive Web Design

by Scrimba

Learn Responsive Web Design certificate


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